Cricket is one of the most followed sports in India and the fans don’t get bored watching it throughout the year. For a normal human being, it is just a sport. But for Indians, it is an emotion, a reason for living. Cricket is considered a religion in our country and it has a very special place in every Indian’s heart.

The people worship cricketers like Gods. Even they have termed Sachin Tendulkar as the ‘God of Cricket’. It is known that India has many religions and people speaks in various different languages. However, they all can understand the language of cricket.

Bollywood directors found it as one of the ways to connect with their audience. So, they rolled out some cricket-based movies that reaped out lots of success at the box office. Some of them got applauds and some of them managed to make a special place in the hearts of the fans. Here we provide a movie list about cricket stories-based in Bollywood.


83 is the big cricket Bollywood film directed by Kabir Khan.The film shares the journey of the Indian Cricket Team in the 1983 world cup. This is a story of India’s first world cup winning story under Kapil Dev(Ranveer Singh)’s captaincy. Deepika Padukone, Hardy Sandhu, Tahir Bhasin, Saquib Saleem and others getting praise for their brilliant work in this sports biographical drama.

On June 25, 1983, the Indian cricket team defeated the two-time world champion West Indies at Lord’s Cricket Ground, bringing India back to the stage of world cricket. It was a miracle day for cricket. Unfortunately, BBC didn’t telecast that match and there is no recording of that match, so seeing that match on the big screen will be a great thing even for the people who were present at that time.

Iqbal (2005)

Iqbal is one of the finest cricket films of Bollywood which also gives a motivational message to our society. This movie focuses on the importance of chasing your dream. It was a beautiful story of a deaf and mute guy(Shreyas Talpade), who is an aspiring cricketer and wants to be part of the National Cricket Team but due to his poor financial conditions and an anti-cricketer father. But he finally got the supervision of an ex-cricketer (Naseeruddin Shah), he lives his dream and plays for India.

One thing that made that guy different from others was his determination and hard work. In the movie, the director has shown how he gets training from a drunkard, who was a great player of his time. Later on, his coach’s reputation gets him a place in a Ranji team where he shines like a star. This movie portrayed the power of hustle and focus. And, if any individual has that ability then they can achieve anything in their lives irrespective of what can go wrong.


Lagaan is without any doubt the benchmark film for Cricket related Movies. It is basically a combo of cricket and patriotism. It’s a story about the British period when high taxes were imposed on poor Indians. A group of villagers who play a game of cricket against British to avoid paying tax.

The story of a pre-independent India where a young man Bhuvan (Aamir Khan) from a small village accepts the challenge and prepares the villagers to play the match. To play against the well-trained British in their own game is an absolute delight to watch. Villagers need a six in the last ball to win the match. Bhuvan is on strike and in the end, he hit the ball hard to get out of the ground and eventually wins the match.

What can be better than a movie about people coming together to fight for their rights, and actually winning, with the help of a cricket match? The iconic film directed by Ashutosh Gowariker teaches us teamwork in the most amazing way. Lagaan also boasts of its memorable music and an Oscar nomination.