When you talk regarding sporting activities in India, the first sporting activity that comes to mind is cricket. Cricket is extremely popular in India. Why is cricket so preferred in India?

Cricket is a fairly accessible sporting activity, and the creativity of young Indians suggests that they can constantly locate a means to play. That’s why you frequently see children playing street cricket with anything from rusty steel pipes to run-down old tennis balls. The simpleness of the sporting activity is such that it can be seen on even the smallest roadways as well as roads of India.

Benefits of Cricket for Senior Citizens

Cricket is very suitable for seniors as it can also be played with modified rules to suit age groups. Cricket for seniors is not only a sport but also a social integration tool. Older people play cricket to stay healthy, stay active and keep their minds sharp.

India has an excellent cricketing infrastructure

India has a number of cricket training and training centers where adults and also youngsters alike can exercise and learn cricket. You will locate a minimum of one cricket ground in every community in India. A lot of the arenas supply excellent facilities as well as training of global standards. The high availability of cricket training as well as coaching centers is a major factor for the popularity of cricket in India.

Cricket is a financially rewarding sport

Cricket enjoys a lot of media coverage in India. Whenever there is a cricket match, cricket becomes the central theme of most of the commercials. It is easy to enjoy the sport when you have so many of the best players in the world in your team. India has been fortunate to have some of the best players in the world and the future stars are coming up all the time.

Due to this tremendous coverage, cricketers and cricket clubs attract a wide range of sponsors and advertisements. Many cricketers have created huge fortunes for themselves by endorsing a variety of products and appearing in numerous advertisements.

For this reason, cricket is a big business in India. Professional cricketers are able to enjoy a more lavish lifestyle than other athletes in India. This is one of the factors that make cricket so popular in India. Many young Indian boys have experienced the wealth and luxurious lifestyle of cricketers on television and this has motivated them to become cricketers themselves. Every kid dreams of being the next Kohli or Tendulkar and for many they are heroes and the main reason why they continue to watch cricket.

Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting has added profoundly to the appeal of cricket in India, yet why? Cricket betting is a method for the common man to join the sport and he hopes to gain and also profit from it. Cricket betting has developed a means for individuals to obtain more into the video game, which has greatly added to the appeal of cricket.

Between 80% as well as 90% of sporting activities betting in India is on cricket. This can be attributed to the large number of cricket betting websites in India that have opened their doors to Indian gamblers over the past couple of years. It is popular that cricket will certainly remain to be one of the most popular sport in India for the direct future. As nothing else sporting activity can match the exact same popularity.