Cricket is a sport of uncertainty, complex and strategic. On the other hand, cricket betting is much simpler and easier. Once the principles of cricket betting are understood, bettors can look for valuable cricket betting opportunities in different match types.

A team can win a match by a very close margin – one run, one check, one last ball. These permutations and combinations are what make cricket so enticing. For the same reason, cricket betting is a pretty fun game. As the sport continues to grow, cricket betting is becoming more and more popular.

Whether you are an expert or a novice in cricket related matter, bettors should first understand the rules of the game. Then should understand the differences in the types of play and the types of play that different teams and players specialize in. These factors can help you decide which teams or players to bet on.

It is important to keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in team formats and rankings. At the same time, it is important not to rely solely on rankings and form and to be wise in your decision making. Because unless you know what is going on in the field, you wouldn’t know what to do with the bet market at your disposal. Finally, an analysis of fairway and weather conditions will help determine the likely outcome of the match.

There are so many ways you can bet on cricket online that it can actually be daunting. Right cricket betting strategies largely comprises your decision making ability. Here are 6 online cricket betting tips and tricks that will greatly improve your chances of increasing your betting payouts.

Follow the Players form

Following the form status of the player you wish to bet on, in terms of scoring high or scoring a century or taking maximum wickets, is crucial. Blindly placing a bet on a player on the bet market ignoring the fact that he hasn’t hit a 50 in the last few games or has been an expensive bowler in recent matches, would mean a bet gone wrong.

Analyze and research the teams

Try to fully understand the process before you start cricket betting. This applies to both cricket betting and the rules of cricket itself. The more you know about these topics, the better.

Wait a while before placing your bets on a particular cricket team. Take some time to learn more about the sport and its statistics. It is important to analyze their recent performance. Check the statistics of their recent matches to understand their form. Check the stats of the two teams involved in the match. It will help you to verify the reliability of your betting predictions or make your own predictions.

Unless you know the history of the team you are betting on, you cannot ensure your bets are correct. Make sure you know the stats of the team in terms of games played, won and lost against the opponent and other teams in the last 3-5 matches.

Even if a team is considered to be strong, it can still fail. Try to identify the factors that may affect its performance. This may include the participation or temporary absence of specific players.

Weather Check

This is a very important tip for cricket experts, these factors make online cricket betting a greater challenge, especially for novices. The weather can actually change the outcome of a cricket match. If weather conditions restrict play, many matches will be postponed, and a simple drizzle or strong sunshine can have a big impact.

You need to thoroughly research the game’s weather forecast before deciding where to place your money. After all, the weather provided can have a huge impact on the outcome of a cricket match. This will affect the movement of the ball – the way it interacts with the surface, the way it spins and the way it bounces. If the weather is cloudy, fast and medium pace bowlers may do well. On the other hand, a sunny day is good news for the batsmen. In addition, rain increases the chances of a tie or a washout.

Compare the bet odds with top bookmakers

Each and every bookmaker has largely the same bet odds but studying the pattern of odds on the bet market, you wish to put money on, would give you an error proof result. When you know multiple bookmakers feel odds for a particular bet market is low, chances are following their instincts would result in a winning bet. Check which bookmaker has what odds for match result, winning side and other bet markets before you decide.

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Never bet more than you can afford

While some online casinos offer generous casino bonuses for new players, you can easily blow your savings on cricket betting if you don’t know when to stop. If you don’t have enough experience, you should only bet what you can afford to lose in order to avoid taking unnecessary risks. You should bet as little as possible at first until you have gained some experience in the game. When you become a professional gambler, you will become able to bear some of the necessary risks without running into debt.