Cricket betting sites, often referred to as bookies, are platforms that offer the opportunity to place bets on different forms of cricket. It is no surprise, with the popularity of cricket in India, that it would cause many people to become interested in betting on the matches. You will see the option to bet on the IPL, international T20’s and other events from around the world. Cricket betting makes up a large proportion of sports betting in India due to its popularity.

From One Day Matches, to Test Matches, to the current most popular T20 series. There are many big bookmakers on the internet and all of these sportsbooks list cricket as a top sport. But what sets them apart from each other are in-play events, match odds, betting options/bet types, bankability, accepted countries, accepted currencies, mobile betting access, bonuses and more.

The different types of cricket betting

Online cricket betting is no longer limited to betting on the winning team. What started off as betting on the winning team or predicting the winner has now become an exciting and entertaining bundle of options ranging from betting on the tournament winner, match odds, best bowler, best batsman, top innings, etc. With so many betting options available, the odds of winning have also gone up. With the introduction of various types of bets in cricket, a large number of betting possibilities have emerged and that is why it is possible to get the most out of betting even for beginners.

Factors to consider when choosing a bookie

The online betting market in India is rife with untrustworthy operators, and it can be hard to navigate. But don’t worry, If you are interested in online cricket betting but are not sure which the best cricket betting sites are, or where to find them. You can find your preferred Indian betting sites with the guidance of our sites.

Those who are looking to gamble online in India have a few options to choose from that will allow you to use Indian Rupees. It is important when choosing an online bookmaker to make sure that they offer you the ability to bet on your favorite sports with the best options that you are looking for. You should keep an eye out for which promotions are eligible for both. You should also keep an eye out for which promotions are eligible for both new and continuing players, as this can be a drastic value add for those who are able to take full advantage of them.

Choosing a real cricket betting site means easy and hassle-free registration, safe betting funds and an effortless withdrawal process. These trustworthy sites are also known for their promotions, player bonuses and extra benefits. The following are some of the key factors to consider when choosing a bookie:

  • Whether their reputation accepts members from your country
  • Does it have customer support
  • Whether the sport you want to bet on is included
  • The types of cricket betting activities that can be wagered on
  • Is registration free
  • Are there any bonuses offered

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