Cricket inspires a passion for sports betting among locals. Betting entertainment isn’t just reserved for sports addicts, it’s also popular among cricket players. exploration by the Professional Players Federations shows that numerous cricket players either gamble or intend to participate. The Indian Cricket Team is one of the top cricket teams in the world, and local participation in cricket betting has also increased. In fact, the relationship between cricket and betting has been inseparable, and is now even more in the spotlight with the rise of online casinos.Indian online casinos also offer numerous great bonuses especially for new players.

It’s estimated that cricket has about 3.5 billion fans worldwide, with about 730 million cricket fans in India. Cricket- related industries ranging from leagues, TV broadcasts to advertising profit,etc., have a market size of US$ 360 billion.

Cricket and betting go hand in hand

Cricket and betting have been close for many years. With the development of technology, numerous Indian players now prefer to bet online. Online casinos are also thriving with a wider variety of game types, but cricket remains one of the most popular sports games. According to the check, cricketers are the sports players most likely to bet on. Whether gaming for relaxation or looking for further excitement off the pitch, numerous cricketers even show signs of gambling addiction.

The love of gambling is gender-neutral

Although it sounded that women were less attracted to casino games in the past, the proportion of men and women participating in gambling activities is actually not far behind. It’s certain that both of them enjoy the time of betting and entertainment.

Sports sponsorship is an important driver

The check set up that a significant number of cricketers and other athletes admitted that they started gambling because of “ peer pressure ”. Advertisements for sports sponsorships by bookmakers are all over the place. To combat excessive gambling, some movement groups have begun promoting “ responsible gambling ” initiatives.


The relationship between cricket, Indian online casinos and betting is still strong, and given that a large part of the cricket world sponsorship comes from bookmakers, the relationship will only get closer in the future. With the discussion of sports betting legalization, the future If India has clearer legislative norms, it can also guarantee the safety of sports betting. Don’t forget, India is a big country with1.3 billion population, and the potential to develop a large online gaming market is just around the corner!