Cricket is the most popular sport in India and cricket is often referred to as a religion and the cricketers regard it as a god. Over time, cricket has attracted a lot of people in India. Whenever an Indian team plays a cricket match, the stadiums are packed and many will watch it on their home screens.

According to a study assisted by the International Cricket Council, there are billions of cricket lovers in the world and about 90% of them are Indians! Therefore, it is safe to conclude that cricket is inherently Indian in spirit. However, at present, cricket is not only limited to playing and watching the game. There is another dimension to it, and that is online betting. Many people confuse cricket betting with gambling, but this is not the case.

Online betting is legal in India

Although cricket betting is largely illegal in India, there is no specific law that prohibits Indian citizens from doing so. Online betting is legal in India, so you can bet on cricket at sportsbooks. You will find no federal laws against online betting in India.

With internet connectivity and smartphones easily available in India, it has brought more betting opportunities not only in India but also in the whole world.

Cricket betting sites are gaining momentum

Recently, more and more people are using it. There are various applications or websites for cricket betting and they are growing rapidly. Most of the cricket betting sites are user friendly with easy payment options and quick withdrawal facilities.

To make them more attractive to their customers, many of these betting platforms offer attractive welcome bonuses and regular promotions to their loyal customer base. To ensure trust and transparency, these cricket betting sites offer 24/7 customer service. In addition, they also offer live match betting to make the betting process even more exciting.