India’s love for cricket knows no bounds, and every Indian is proud to have world-class players in the country.You can play in the garden, in the park or even in the backyard and it’s great for kids and adults alike. It is a great sport for all ages because it’s easy to learn and play. The rules of cricket are quite simple to understand, making the game accessible for new players.

1.Appropriate age groups

Parents don’t have to worry about their children playing against much older or better players. This is because the younger children can be part of the kids’ team and play against other kids’ teams. This means they don’t compete directly with older players who may intimidate them. This way younger children can improve their skills at their own pace by playing on smaller ovals or pitches. They also get to play cricket in smaller groups and get more opportunities and encouragement from their teammates and parents. Kids who play cricket will also learn about having fun while following social rules and learning how to win or lose with grace.

2.Benefits of cricket for the elderly

Cricket is great for elderly people because it also may be played with modified rules to suit the age group. Cricket for senior citizens is not only a sport – it’s also a social integration tool. Senior citizens play cricket to keep fit, keep active and stay mentally sharp.

3.India has some of the world’s best cricket players

It’s easy to enjoy the sport when so many of the world’s best players are in your team. India has always been blessed to have the world’s best players, and new stars of the future are emerging all the time. Every kid dreams of being the next Kohli or Tendulkar.For a lot of people, they are heroes and the main reasons why they continue to watch cricket.

4.You get a whole day to enjoy a match

While various other sports are over quickly – only 90 minutes in football – you get to enjoy a game of cricket because you are glued to the television for hours on end. If you are off work for the day, there’s nothing nicer than settling back with a cup of coffee and do absolutely nothing but watch the cricket.

In conclusion, cricket is definitely an interesting game, especially in India. Whether you watch cricket because you want to bet online, or you have played the game.

The 4 reasons why Indians love cricket