Cricket is more than just a sport in India, it is a religion, followed by every single Indian and even though India may be a very vast and diverse country divided by different beliefs and ideologies, there is one thing that unites all Indians and that is cricket.

India has produced many great cricketers over time. From north to south, east to west, India has had cricketers from different states, representing both, their state nationally and the country internationally.

But there have been some states that have never failed to produce the best of cricketers throughout the history of Indian cricket, and judging based on factors like the number of cricketers by state and their contribution to Indian cricket and their state.

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BCCI alloted the salary for the Indian cricketers (both Men and women) based on their performance which reflects as their points to get positioned in the BCCI’s grading system.BCCI so far announced four grading systems for Men’s cricketers and three grading systems for women’s cricketers.

A Cricketer in India earns from a lot of ways like – Advertising, sponsorship, becoming a brand ambassador, playing other Cricket leagues like IPL, own brands, and more.

BCCI pays for both International and domestic cricket teams for both men and women categories.