One of the most challenging things a new gambler faces is struggling to accept all the bad advice in order to find the good stuff. It’s hard for new gamblers to distinguish the good from the bad without any real world experience.

They can’t lose

What makes sports so interesting is the unpredictability that comes with the game. It doesn’t matter how much you like the team or the opponent. The problem with believing in a team that can’t lose is that gamblers put all their eggs in one basket. When that team loses, you can lose your entire bankroll.

Follow your instincts in difficult games

Sports bettors believe they can skip the important step of a proper handicap game and bet on instinct. You certainly don’t need to pay attention to trends, key matchups or betting lines for sports betting. However, you will never be able to make consistent profits by betting on hunches. When a gambler ignores all the data and decides to bet with his heart, it slides further into the casino’s favor. When you lose more than you win, the casino will take your money.

See the line for the best position in the totals

Many novice sports bettors assume that the betting lines and totals offered are somehow related to the final score. These gamblers then try to dissect these numbers to predict the final score. The problem with this logic is that sportsbooks are not concerned with the outcome of the race. The only goal of sports betting is to get equal action on both sides of the bet. When both betting parties have money, the casino will not lose. That’s because they make money off the loser, no matter how the event goes.

Use touting services to increase your sports betting acumen

If you spend a lot of time listening to gambling podcasts and perusing sports betting sites, you will often be inundated with advertisements for touting services. First, if you are counting on touted services to make your picks, then you are not learning how to evaluate races and find the best value correctly. Secondly, while touted sports services promise great success, they don’t deliver. Finally, you will have more resources to spend on sports betting. This will put more pressure on your money and you will run out of money faster.

If you have enough money, you can ignore money management

As a sports bettor, everything you can accomplish revolves around your money. If you ignore it just because you have money to burn, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Fatigue doesn’t affect travel

Professional sports leagues put a lot of pressure on players. The travel factor is even heavier for the players. When a team travels across multiple time zones, the effects can be unpredictable. Giving teams time to adjust to travel can play an important role in their success or failure. In a competitive game, the home team will have a slight advantage. This advantage increases when travel becomes a factor.


These are some of the worst sports betting tips ever. If you want to take your sports betting to the next level, start looking for reliable sources of good information and work from there.